Top 10 acts of kindness by police in 2016 not covered by the “real news”


Police officers risk their lives every day to protect the communities they serve. But what can sometimes get lost in the countless moments of bravery are the numerous small acts of kindness that serve as further evidence of the heroism behind the badge and uniform. We collected ten of our favorite police acts of kindness in 2016.

10. Ala. officers join kids in soccer match after 911 calls ask them to stop playing
After receiving 911 calls about children playing soccer, responding officers came to the scene. The community wanted the officers to tell the kids to go inside, but instead, police joined their game.

9. Cleveland cop replaces child’s stolen Pokémon cards with his own collection
Nine-year-old Bryce was visiting a friend when a kid came up and stole his Pokémon cards. When his mother called the cops to report them stolen, Bryce received a surprise: an officer’s personal Pokémon card collection.

8. NC police buy bikes for local kids
After many incidents of bike theft in the community, a group of officers bought four new bikes and helmets for some local boys.

7. NC police help homeless mother, 3 children off street
Durham police helped a homeless mother and her three young children get back on their feet.

6. Tenn. cop dances for charity
One Tennessee officer got into the spirit of the holidays by volunteering to ring bells for the Salvation Army. In order to beat out a competing department that was also volunteering their time, Officer Sean Bulow busted out his moves to raise the most money for charity.

5. Ill. police, firefighters crash bullied boy’s birthday party
Pekin police officers and firefighters celebrated 11-year-old Braden Garnett’s birthday after he feared no one would show up to celebrate with him.

4. Texas cop dons Iron Man suit to meet dying 7-year-old
Every kid’s dream is to meet a superhero. For one 7-year-old boy, his dying wish was to meet his hero, Iron Man. One Texas cop flew to Florida to make the wish come true.

3. NJ trooper buys meal for couple in need
A trooper who responded to a call about a panhandler discovered the man was trying to get enough money to buy a rotisserie chicken to share with his wife. After asking the man to take a seat in his cruiser, the trooper went into the store. When the trooper returned to the car, he surprised the couple in need with a chicken – purchased with his own money.

2. Calif. police surprise wheelchair-bound boy with mini police car
You always see some pretty amazing costumes on Halloween, and a group of officers weren’t going to allow a wheelchair-bound boy to miss out on the fun. Brayden Dieringer, 5, wanted to dress up as a police officer (just like his dad) for Halloween, but was discouraged because of his wheelchair. Officers caught wind of the boy’s wish and built a mini police car for him out of cardboard and wood.


1. Minn. officers give final salute to terminally-ill retired cop
After a long battle with cancer, retired Officer Denny Preston returned home for his final days to a surprise from his fellow officers.

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