BLM Threatens Graceland Over Elvis’ Cultural Appropriation Of Black Music

BLM To ‘Shut Down Graceland’
BLM To ‘Shut Down Graceland’

BLM TERRORISTS Threatens Graceland Over Elvis’ Cultural Appropriation Of BLACK Music.

Protesters said they are going to shut down Graceland on Monday night during the candlelight vigil that marks the end of Elvis Week.

Memphis Police Department Director Mike Rallings said Graceland hosted the candlelight vigil for 39 years without any problems, and he expected it to continue without error Monday night.

“To date there have been no issues surrounding the festivities that have taken place. Residents, visitors, patrons, law enforcement officers have only experienced positive interactions throughout this past week. We expect tonight to be no different,” he said.

Rallings also pointed out that no group filed for a permit to protest in the Graceland area. Memphis ordinance requires groups of more than 25 to apply for a permit to protest.

“However, we do anticipate some individuals who may exercise their right to free speech. We will protect the rights of protesters, visitors, patrons, property owners, and residents. we will expect all conduct to be lawful,” Rallings said.

BLM To Shut Down Graceland’
BLM To ‘Shut Down Graceland’

Coalition of Concerned Citizens announced its plan Friday to advocate and organize the protest, citing poverty and crime in Memphis as reasons why they are working to get social and economic justice in Memphis.

Despite the group not applying for a protest permit, MPD decided to go ahead and plan as if the protest would occur. Officers blocked off Elvis Presley Boulevard and set aside two areas for protesters to use.

MPD officers and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office deputies were patrolling Graceland as early as noon Monday. Their presence didn’t deter Elvis tourists.

“It’s just one of my bucket list things to do, and we’re really having a good time,” John Giuliano said.

“It’s going to be a distraction for a lot of people,” California Elvis fan Eddie Vasquez said about the potential protest.

Rallings said he plans to be at Graceland tonight. Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said he was not sure if he’d be there.

Rallings and Chief Legal Officer Bruce McMullen released the following statement in regards to the protest:

“We will protect the rights of the protesters, visitors, patrons, property owners, and residents. We will expect the conduct of all to be lawful.”

Graceland released the following statement:

“Graceland is actively working with local law enforcement agencies… as it does every year,

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