Woman’s Life in Danger for Revealing Truth on Racism , Sterling, Castile and Obama


Over the past week, America has once again been thrown into turmoil over the shootings of black men by police officers. The Black Lives Matter movement is accusing whites and police of racism. BLM have held protests in many major cities, and violence as broken out across the country and black on white racism has resulted in numerous deaths.

Not all blacks are on board with the protests taking place across the nation. A great number of them have come out and stated that they do not agree with the rhetoric against police officers.

Va’Shona Dixon went on Facebook and live-streamed her reaction to the police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota that have been at the center of these latest protests.

Va’Shona Dixon called Al Sharpton a “racist,” referred to President Barack Obama as the “black God” that many blacks voted for, and said that Jesse Jackson was a race hustler. She also accuses the black BLM followers of perpetuating racism themselves.

So much truth in one video. Liberals, BLM and the black supremacists  are furious right now.

“If you vote for Hillary, you’ll end up in hell right next to her,” said the very pro-Trump Dixon.

America’s race baiters aren’t going to be very happy with Dixon. She is completely destroying their narrative, and exposing them all as the corrupt liars that they are. She needs to be very careful about potential violence she could face in retaliation. There is a great deal of money on the line for the grievance industry’s false racism narrative.

While there is no doubt that racism still exists in America, as it does everywhere in the world, violence and violent protests are not the answer to it.

Instead of throwing rocks at police officers, maybe some of the black protesters should demand change within their own communities and actually sit down for civilized discussions across America.

People are never taken seriously when they riot and destroy to try to get their way — all they do is alienate potential supporters. Change only comes through peaceful negotiation.

Here is the thing,  BLM doesn’t protest the daily carnage on the streets of Chicago when it is black on black crime and violence…

Want to know why? Because the people who comprise BLM protesters are those same thugs shooting each other up in the hood. They are the ones committing the black on black murders and black on black crimes.

BLM is a fake organization funded by George Soros enabled by the democrats to facilitate keeping blacks on the democrat plantation providing votes rather than cotton in exchange for section 8 and EBT.

Those fools following BLM are being used by Soros to make a fortune. That evil nazi is laughing his was to the bank..

Here is the kicker these ignorant fools are going to vote for Clinton not realizing that the crime laws the Clintons got passed are responsible for all their incarcerations…

Malcom X tried to warn the black community about the democrats in 1964. He was killed shortly after giving this speech.

What has changed since this speech? Has the Democrat party helped the black community or has it made it worse? Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. We all as Americans need to wake up and shake up the American political system of deep government corporatism. The race baiter and thief has set back race relations 50 years only to divide America. One thing the vast majority of Americans can agree on is the “We the People” are getting screwed. All of us, black, white, yellow and brown are being bled dry and are slowly being subjugated by a tyrannical government that is not longer restrained by the highest law of the land – the US Constitution.

What do we need to do? Stop the infighting, embrace the Constitution and force our politicians to return to the principals that made our country great. We are a Constitutional Republic. That is the answer. We need more economic freedoms. We need less regulations and less taxation. We need smaller government and term limits for the Congress and the Senate.

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  1. While her words are true, we all know what happens to truthful, honest people in this politically correct society. Look at what happened to those women who came forward about his sexual trists with them. Look at other whistle blowers. Our society attacks the victims not the perpetrators. It’s not about truth, it’s about those who want their way no matter the cost. God Bless people like this woman who are humble enough and caring enough to tell the truth.