Man Uses Baseball Bat To End Savage Beating Of Toddler

Baseball Bat Use To End Savage Beating Of Child
Baseball Bat Use To End Savage Beating Of Child

Don Gilbert was staying at a motel in Vancouver, Washington when he saw a young child being beaten. He immediately came to the rescue.

After hearing a loud commotion coming from outside, Gilbert looked and saw a man throwing his 2-year-old daughter of the window from one of the rooms onto the cement sidewalk below. He then attempted to stomp on the child’s head.

Gilbert grabbed a baseball bat and stopped the brutal attack with a few sings. Gilbert said he struck the man across the back of the head. When police arrived, they had to use a taser to subdue the assailant.

They arrested Kyle Holder, 32, for the assault on the very young child. Holder is currently facing first-degree attempted murder.

Kyle Holder blames ‘voices’ after savagely beating 2-year-old daughter: ‘I had to crush her head’.

The infant girl was rushed to Emanuel Hospital where she is in critical condition. Witnesses said Holder slammed his daughter’s body into the concrete walkway outside the hotel room again and again and repeatedly stomped on her head.

“No one’s gonna stand there and watch a baby get beat up,” said one of the men who tried to intervene. “I talked to her every day for the past two weeks.”

Holder was treated by paramedics, then handed over to police, who booked him into the Clark County Jail on charges of attempted first degree murder.

He told police that voices in his head told him to hurt his daughter. “I had to do this,” he said. “I knew I had to crush her head.”


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