What? White Jew Appropriates Rap In Grand Fashion

white jew appropriates rap culture
white jew appropriates rap culture

Hilarious white jew appropriates rap culture like a boss…


This disgruntled millennial Jew sure does rock out the rap culture.

He is not however the first jew to “appropriate rap culture” there are a few more:

The Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys are not only the coolest rap group to appropriate the rap culture of the 80s for a white audience, but also the coolest Jewish rap outfit ever. And how could they not be? For the entirety of their career Ad-Rock, Mike D and MCA (RIP) placed expression of personality above anything and everything else, always coming off as true purveyors of the lifestyle of New York City street kids. Alongside making automobile signage fashionable, the Beasties, often with Spike Jonze, made some of the most intriguing, forward-thinking and stoned comedic videos of their era.
Necro Jew Rapper
Necro Jew Rapper
The son of two Israeli expats, Necro, alongside his rapper brother Ill Bill, championed the ever so subtle sub-genre of “death rap” which deviated from hip-hop’s usual stomping grounds to incorporate themes of violent sex and the occult, y’know, all the fun stuff. His finest moments include the enormous “Who’s Your Daddy” which features parent friendly lines like, “Bitch getting fucked in your ass through your fishnets. Cutting queefs, your bound to eat shit next. A tit fest, I’m fucking dumb blondes till my dick is numb hoe lick the scum. Sticking a gun in your cunt for fun.” Oy, what would his mother say?
Princess Superstar
Princess Jew Rapper
Princess Jew Rapper
Remember “Bad Babysitter” coming on The Box at 1am on a school night? Remember being deeply disturbed by Princess Superstar writhing around in a cheerleading outfit? Otherwise known as Concetta  Kirschner, the Jewish princess went on to have a couple of below-the-radar lulz tracks before teaming up with Dutch producer, Mason, for the massive fist-pumping remix of “Perfect (Exceeder)“, that to this day is played in spinning classes the world over.
Jew Rapper
Shyne Jew Rapper
Instead of fashioning a shiv every day out of prison sporks and fantasising about ending Diddy, the Belizean rapper apparently spent his infamous incarceration reading up on the Torah. Upon his release in 2009, he went on to convert to Orthodox Judaism, living under the new name of Moses Michael Levi. He also went on to beef with pretty much every rapper doing better than him, including Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar, which I’m pretty sure is against the Torah’s teachings of peace and love, but whutevs.
Aaron Cohen
Jew Rapper
Aaron Cohen Jew Rapper
Honourable mention because he’s great and we premiered his video “Potential Fans” on Noisey. Keep up, gentiles.
Jew Rapper
Peaches Jew Rapper
There was a time when Peaches, aka Merrill Beth Nisker, had a whole generation of liberated (read: sexually confused) female art students crotch-dancing to “Fuck The Pain Away”. But way before her cult status, Nisker recounted in an interview with URB magazine that, though only culturally Jewish and not religious, she was a victim of anti-semitism as a kid, with local schoolchildren hurling rocks and calling her “a dirty Jew”. Where are those bullies now? Not getting paid to thrust to electro-rap in yeast infection inviting lamé short-shorts I bet.

This amazing white Jewish rapper is also writes for Molon Labe Media from time to time and puts out some great podcasts.

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