In the tribal area of Hardh in northwestern Yemen, a beautiful innocent little girl died at the hands of her 40 yr old pedophilic husband due to physical trauma caused by sexual intercourse. This is the reality of being a child bride.

Rather than this child living a proper childhood of playing with dolls and practicing hopscotch with the village kids, she lived her last moments in complete terror and prolonged pain.

Though human rights organizations are calling for the arrest of her pedophilic husband, it will not put a dent on the millions of girls who are forced to become a child bride and marry men who are older than their own fathers.

In Yemen, 52 percent of girls are wed before they are 18 years of age. In fact, a female can be married at *any* age. However, there is a law that states sexual intercourse is forbidden until the child starts her period. But there’s no way to ensure this law is obeyed.

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), between 2011 and 2020, more than 140 million girls will become child brides. Furthermore, of the 140 million girls who will marry before the age of 18, 50 million will be under the age of 15.

Yemeni government officials created a law that set the minimum age for marriage at 17 back in 2009 but it was immediately repealed after it was deemed contrary to Sharia, Islamic law.

The millions of girls who survived such torture still suffer from the affects of forced sex before puberty. Young girls are cast out of their villages in shame when they became incontinent after being raped by their husbands. Due to having smaller pelvises than older women, these little girls have serious risks of death when birthing a child.  Yemen has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the Middle East.

The parents of these young ones rip them out of education, completely destroying any hope for a bright future. Only for the purpose of marrying and procreating. Two things a child’s mind and body are not ready for.

11-Year-Old Yemeni Girl Nada Al-Ahdal had to flee her home in order to avoid a forced marriage with a grown man. She has a message for her parents and those who support the sick and sadistic perversions they emulate from their prophet.

Each and every Yemeni girl living in Sharia is an untold tragedy.

This is the religion of peace? No this is the religion of pedophilia and savagery.

H/T Albawaba


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