Obama to Release “the worst of the worst” of Guantanamo’s Detainees

Obama to secretly release GITMO prisoners.
Obama to secretly release GITMO prisoners.

Well the DEVIL of Penn. Ave seems to be at it again. Obama has planned a secret release of around 24 Guantanamo inmates by the end of July this year. The prison was built and intended to house the worst of the worst war criminals while they were being detained for questioning and after being found guilty of their crimes. Over 800 were housed in this facility in the beginning.

242 were there when Obama took office and today there are only 80 left. These 80 are the bottom of the barrel of the worst, and out POTUS wasn’t to set 24 more of these lowlifes go.

Obama releases terrorists from GITMO
Terrorists are allowed to have more rec time and activities then some of our schools

A “transfer” was apparently discussed and agreed upon to send these terrorists to locations in multiple countries that can probably not keep them properly detained nor keep track of them should they escape. Which literally means that since the start of GITMO billions of our tax dollars have gone to waste housing and feeding these war criminals just so they could be set free to kill and maim again.

Keep in mind that most of the remaining detainees are from war torn Yemen, where Al-Qaeda is currently flourishing under the reign of a newly appointed leader.

The Obama Administration claims that this move would free up the room for backlogged cases that have been a problem for years. As if going from over 800 down to 56 wasn’t enough of a clearing out to begin with.

Obama to release GITMO prisoners.
Even their prayer time is acknowledged at GTMO

So, there you have it folks, once again the POTUS had done the unthinkable and claims its a good move for our country as a whole. Yes, Obama, freeing all of the worst terrorists is a genius idea!(insert sarcasm)

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