Overseas Mosques are Being Rebuilt With U.S. Taxpayers Money


Recently CBS did an investigation into the allegations that our hard earned tax money was being used to rebuild mosques overseas. Turns out the allegations are True. So far the Obama State Department has spend a whopping $770 MILLION to save mosques in places such as Tajikistan, Mali, and Cyprus to name a few.

The State Department calls it a “good will effort”, we average Americans call it aiding potential terrorist groups with illegal foreign aid!

In an email response to CBS the State Department stated that they were “fighting Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders.” Basically meaning they are trying to buy the cooperation of terrorist with things like computers, internet service, and remodeling jobs in areas of high Islamic State activities.

This is a clear abuse of the American peoples hard earned money, trust, loyalty, and our rights as American citizens. If we demanded that churches, synagogues, temples, or tabernacles were being furnished by our tax money it would be an outrage. So, how is it that the Obama Administration can fund AND aid our enemies in such a manner? When did the worth of the American People become so much less than even those that would have us destroyed?

And yet, the State Department is so proud of their aid to the Imams that they even shows  photos of refurbished mosques. Talk about a slap in our faces.

H/T [Top Right Wing News]

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