A recent document emerged in the Deir-ez-Zor province of Syria stating that the Islamic State jihad members have been seeking fake doctors excuses to avoid the frontlines. The question is whether it is due to a new found sense of cowardice or the epic drop in funding.

Crying over lost wages?

It appears that the militant members are now faced with salaries cut in half, a drop in benefits, and rationing of their electricity due to the massive amount of coalition airstrikes.

The lslamic State’s Jihad income has dropped 30% from last year making their usual $80 million from last year to around $56 million in March 2016


The [Daily Mail] reported recently that the Islamic State started issuing amnesty for deserters in October of 2015 due to the massive drop in member numbers. It is highly possible that the fall in Morale is due to stronger border policies, reduced access to Turkey, and the airstrikes on their cash storages and oil reserves.

The Islamic State’s answer to this problem is to raise taxes on satellite dishes, and to charge anyone who is trying to leave certain cities. They have also taken to accepting cash instead of applying punishments, and charging when someone answers a question about the Koran incorrectly.

A single militant marches alone

The citizens of their Capital city of Ragga have been asked to pay their bills in the (blackmarket) U.S. currency.

What can be said about this really?

It’s a bit mind boggling that a militant group which caused so much fear worldwide is falling to its knees via false illnesses to avoid the front line conflict due to a lack of funds, but there it is. Apparently they are not as devout as they would have us all believe.

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