It appears as if The Obama Foundation is up to some of its sly tricks, with plans to build a Presidential Library and Museum in honor of the POTUS on the South Side of Chicago (as if anyone really cares). But the foundation has hit a tiny snag, one they have no qualms about eradicating as quickly as possible. The snag? A Veteran Center that is geared to helping homeless vets. What a surprise. The proposed library would bring in roughly $31 million a year to the south sides economy, that’s right $31 million. Yet it seems that they can’t proceed with this glorified worship of Obama until RTW Veteran Center is out of their way.


RTW is the only privately owned land left in the area of the selected site so it is no surprise that they feel they are being “muscled out.” With 3000 meals served for free monthly, and many repairs needed to the building of course the founders are no match for Obama’s massive wealth and pull within the City of Chicago. The founder, Jan Ranu Menab, said in an interview that they are “having to negotiate from a situation of despair.” They admit that the building is in serious need of repair and that some of the violations that they have received from the city are viable, but to be hit with $16,000 in fines a day is strangle hold by the city in an effort to preform a twisted land grab.


This isn’t the first time something connected to the Obamas has disrespected Veterans and it won’t be the last, but this is going a bit far. It is suspected that there may be a history of cases like this where city building inspectors are forcing citations onto building owners unnecessarily to make it possible for certain properties to be purchased for projects such as this one. So, yet again while our Warfighters are going hungry and without food the President is high-stepping it in the very country that those brave men and women fought for. It’s a travesty.

Obama "playing" golf
Obama “playing” golf

Both the Obama Foundation and the City of Chicago claim to be willing to work with and even help the no-profit charity, but the fruits of those promises have yet to be seen. A friendly suggestion- maybe put some effort into helping to repair that building and promotion the amazing work that RTW is trying to do. Maybe then this wouldn’t look like a blatant land grab type situation.

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