SEX ACTS WITH GOATS? Here’s The Burger That’s “Mocking” Muzzies and They are FURIOUS


“We will not let ourselves be muzzled by enemies of democracy, rule of law and civil liberties….now more than ever!”


That was not an American who spoke those words. That was a Cologne, German who’s sick of the BS that comes with the territory of living in neighborly non-love fashion with the excrement spilling over from the sandbox into his homeland. Germany has had their fair share of Fatwa it would seem. They are dealing with child obsessed rapists, gang-rapists, and all manner of sexually de-volved, missing a few chromosomes, violent retarded sand-minions.

So, Jorg Tiemann, Urban Burgery manager, decided to exercise what little free speech rights Germans have, and he put the Erdogan Burger on the menu.  The burger is advertised, via Facebook as,


“So yummy, juicy and the burger is Erdogan, the burger. His weight is more than any kebab – only his taste, it’s even more beautiful.”

This thing is served with goat cheese to make it palatable to the special peoples’ dietary needs. It also doesn’t have any bacon, which personally, is a deal breaker. For their part, the Cretans from sand-land are ticked. They have issued death threats over a hamburger with goat cheese.

RT has more:

The “tasty and delicious” Erdogan burgers were served with goat cheese, the restaurant said, apparently referring to German TV satirist Jan Bohmermann’s poem implicating Recep Tayyip Erdogan in alleged sex acts with goats and a proclivity for child pornography. Erdogan and later German Chancellor Angela Merkel found the poem insulting. Bohmermann now faces prosecution under a rarely-used law that punishes those who insult foreign dignitaries.

So, the restaurant has had to close up shop.

Way to go Germany. Nothing like protecting the rights of your citizens and stepping in to put the devils back in their place which would be on a barge, plane, train, or bus, back to the 7th century dirt and rock wasteland from whence they came.

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]

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