The Guy Who’s Spent Majority Of His Term Playing Golf Makes THIS Insane DEMAND Of Congress

President Barack Obama reacts as he misses a shot while golfing on the first hole at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Mass., on the island of Martha's Vineyard on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Congress, “DO YOUR JOB.”

That’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

The only problem is it was President Vaca[tion] who said it. That’s right. Obama took some time off from the links to stumble his way to a podium somewhere and railed on about how the government needs to do this thing called their “job.” Of course being the authority on all things “work” it stands to reason that Mr. Jet Setter would chastise Congress for not addressing the Flint, MI water crises.

In speaking to a bill languishing somewhere between the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and his mighty pen (in one hand with phone in the other),  Obama sanctimoniously declared, “Congress, led by your congressional delegation, need to act in a bipartisan fashion, do their job, make sure Flint has the necessary resources,” at a Flint speech on Wednesday.

Oh…it gets better.

He took the opportunity to lambast the underpinnings of our great nation again. Yes, those things known as small government, state’s rights (AND responsibilities);

“I do think that part of what contributed to this crisis was a broader mindset, a bigger attitude, a corrosive attitude, that exists in our politics and exists in too many levels of our government.”

Well-played Mr. President. Well-played. Nothing like making the connection between corrosive lead pipes and the corrosive over-reach of your Administration and the Congress.

“It’s a mindset that believes that less government is the highest good, no matter what.”

Sorry, Barry 9-Iron, but that is correct. The “corrosive attitude” of big government is what is causing the gridlock of getting Flint’s problems on the path to repair. It is the same big government ideology that, to quote the president, “exists in our politics and exists in too many levels of our government.”

Congress, the president, the EPA, and all of the other members of the giant ball of red tape, need to step aside and let Michigan set the groundwork for addressing Flint.

Hey, here’s an idea! Maybe, somebody can show President Obama the game of golf. Get him out of the White House for a few hours. Lose him on the back-nine.

Just sayin.

H/T [100 Percent Fed Up]

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