Obama Announces Number of Refugees He’s Bringing to America By September: IT IS MASSIVE


Get ready for the Jihad people. The RefuJiadis are coming, courtesy of President Barack Hussein Obama. He made a promise to further destroy our nation before leaving the Oval Office, and damn if he isn’t going to follow through on yet another America destroying commitment. He has broken our back economically, put tens of millions out of work and stood out there on the world stage and proclaimed the lowest unemployment since, well, ever. He forced what will become a single-payer health system on the shoulders of the already suffering peasants, who would be us. He continues to secretly release GITMO detainees, because he will empty, close, and return it to Cuba before January 2017. He has managed to wage a make believe war with the environment. All while blatantly giving the middle finger to America. Such a prize of a human being. Never before has this country witness such a Benedict Arnold in the Oval Office. Never before have we had a president who openly cavorts and heaps praise on our enemies and lambast our allies and our citizenry.

His latest presidential action, meaning tyrannical and dictatorial act by fiat, is to begin importing and establishing the Caliphate courtesy of 1,500 rapeugees per month, if not more, to meet his 10,000 goal. Since he does so many nefarious things in secret we can all readily accept the likelihood of that number being a whole lot higher.  Of course this doesn’t count all those that are already here. In a Midwestern hometown, out of nowhere has come the walking burka with eye-slit only who follows 10-steps behind that culture’s excuse for a man. Refauxgee maybe?

The FBI Director, James Comey, and the Department of Homeland Security, say this is a bad idea. They cannot vet the refugees. Yet, onward Obama marches in his War on America.

“It’s clear that ISIS wants to, has planned on attempting to infiltrate refugee populations. This is a problem. If one person gets through who is planning a terrorist attack in our country, that’s a problem.” Probably the smartest thing Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-WI), has said in a very long time.

Let’s face it though, Congress is as much at fault as the president. No, actually, more at fault. They are supposed to be one of the checks-and-balances and so far the only thing they have managed to accomplish is peeing on themselves.

The Caliphate isn’t coming. It’s here.

H/T [Proud Conservative]

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