FLASHBACK: Donald Trump BANNED Black Women From His Parties


So, apparently, Trump has banned black models from something called a “Calendar Party.” This supposedly happened way back in 1990, according to American Dream Calendar Girls business partners, George Hourany and Jill Harth.  Ms. Harth brought a civil suit against Trump for sexual harassment, and states that he overlooked black models and “directed that any black female contestants be excluded” from a Mar-a-Lago party.

If this is true, it is disgusting and man should not be voted into the highest office in the land. That said, there has been so much smear and slander in this campaign the latest ought to be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to The Donald. YET, everyone ought to be reminded that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and it about time that Trump has to take what he dishes out. The man has been the king of juvenile insults and brusque bullying tactics. Few have been able to withstand his onslaught. Actually, only one—the Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. Kasich doesn’t count. He is a waste of Trump’s time, not to mention all of ours.

‘He was always very interested in every phone call about who had the great bodies and who didn’t, who was more beautiful. He was always on the search for the most beautiful,” she claims. Mr. Houraney said that Trump wanted, “Blonde hair. All American look. Not too tall, not too short.”

Do you believe this? Are you a Trumpster who does not believe anything ill of your candidate? Are you so against Trump that you jump on the hate-train and believe everything ill about not-your-candidate?

Certainly more investigation into the matter is warranted.

H/T [Daily Mail]

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