WTF: TRANSGENDER Cries VICTIM After TSA Makes “Her” Remove “That Thing” Caught On Scanner


OMG, would the people who want to cross-dress, swap innies for outties, and use everybody else’s bathroom please SHUT UP!!

Now we have this. Some woman, who apparently really wants to be a guy, went so far as to wear a strap-on (ahem) while traveling. That’s right folks. She did not pack it in her overnight bag, but opted to wear it like a boss.  As she proceed through the airport body scan machine, said “Little Friend” was picked-up on the X-ray film. You can imagine the double-take of the Australian version of TSA.

She-He has levied a complaint. This is offensive to the LGBTI (What the heck in a “I”?) and apparently the country’s Senate has the same amount of time on their hands to diddle away their tax payers’ dollars as ours, because they are looking it.

I explained to the officer at the scanner that I am trans and that I was wearing a prosthetic, to which he responded that he would need to get his supervisor,” reads She-He’s complaint.

Strap-On was told that a private search was warranted and on snapped the rubber gloves of the airport security agent. One can imagine that visual. As uncomfortable as the cross-dressing trans may have been, She-He needs to think about how awkward that was for the guy that drew the short straw among his co-workers to perform the “penile inspection.” He’s there to inspect purses, and over-sized shampoos, shoes, and laptop computers…not sexual pleasure aides… that someone is wearing.  So, off to a private room they go, where the apparatus had to be removed and produced for fondling.

The passenger was faux-fended by the fact that the agent wore gloves.  The agent’s response was similar to what yours or mine would be, “You want me to touch that thing with my bare hands?

The cop-a-feel of the toy ensued and eventually it was determined that the “thing” was just a “thing.” So, the agents opened the door for She-He to leave.

My prosthetic [was] still sitting in the tray.


I know…you can’t stop laughing.

I asked him to close the door so that I could have some privacy,” wrote the complainant.

He closed the door and both men stood watching me as I put it back in place.”

Wait.  I thought she just wanted to be one of the guys. So, what difference does it make? Think locker room. Guys are naked in there, or how about a guy’s bathroom. Of course, they don’t wear strap-ons, but whatever.

Maybe SHE ought to consider saving the strap-on for a more meaningful time, rather than while traveling through the airport. For God’s sake, these people are killing the LGBTQ/I community with the perversion one expects from a sexually obsessed mental hospital patient.

If you want to be respected at least act normal. Dress normal. BE NORMAL, and no one would be the wiser. We don’t care. What we care about is freakiness—like this.

H/T [100 Percent Fed-Up]

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