ALERT: Obama FAST TRACKING Rapeugees to the United States: What You NEED to Know

U.S. President Barack Obama decries the arguments of his opponents as he delivers remarks on a nuclear deal with Iran at American University in Washington August 5, 2015. Obama, defending the Iranian nuclear deal against critics, said on Wednesday that Iran will be caught if it tries to cheat and build a nuclear weapon. Opponents of the deal have raised concerns that international inspectors would not have unfettered access in Iran under the deal. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst? - RTX1N6Z5

So it is written, so it shall be done.

Of course with King Obama, it should read, so it is proclaimed, so it shall be.  Do you remember when he said he was going to import ISIS onto our shores? Of course he didn’t call them ISIS. He called them “refugees.” We call them Refujihadis, rapeugees, refauxgees, and any other manner of accurate. Because…Islamofauxbia.

The American people, with the exception of the wannabe Ayatolla in the Oval Office, DO NOT want these people over here. They are un-vetted and they CANNOT BE VETTED in the short period of time that the Administration says it can be done. They can’t even vet a welfare hoochie momma to find out if she is lying on her paperwork.

Hell, they managed to miss the fact that the female terrorist who shot-up San Bernardino lied on her immigration paperwork, more than once, and gave a fake name of a fake town in Pakistan as her point of origin. Yet, in comes the first wave of the first 10,000 refugees. To where? Nobody knows. It’s all hush-hush, because we wouldn’t really want Americans to follow the whole “If you see something, say something,” mantra, right?

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, RINO that he is, gets it:

“It’s clear that ISIS wants to, has planned on attempting to infiltrate refugee populations. This is a problem. If one person gets through who is planning a terrorist attack in our country, that’s a problem.”

“The administration — whether it’s Homeland Security or the FBI, cannot tell us that they can adequately screen people. There isn’t really a Syria to talk to on that end of the equation to vet people, so it is a problem.”

But wait! There’s more! The State Department is in Amman, Jordan conducting “surge operation” super-fast screening. “Hi, my name is Abdullah, I mean Mike Smith, and I’m a Christian seeking asylum.  Oh, never mind, that’s just my electronic cooling vest, cause it’s really hot here.” That kind of high-speed processing.

According to lackey State Department “Director” of Refugee Admission, Larry Bartlett, “By putting more officers in one place we can conduct more interviews. Partly we have a backlog because we don’t have enough officers to interview people.” Geez, that’s too bad. We hope you stay backlogged.

Congress is not happy, and we can quote their disagreements all day long. Like Montanan Senator, Ryne Zinke (R), “This will inevitable put our nation and our citizens at risk for future terrorist attacks.”

Yet, they do nothing. Like always. They talk a great big game and then p**s themselves like the neutered lap dogs they are.

“What the people of the United States should understand is that our intention is to help the most vulnerable people and to do it in a way that respects the security of our nation.” That according to spokeshole Bartlett, who goes on to say, “This operation is consistent with that goal.”

Hey, Dumbass. The “vulnerable” people are the American people, so you and your cronies on-high ought to consider respecting the security of our nation,” instead of putting us at risk.

H/T [The Hill]

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