[WATCH] Veteran Sees Thug Desecrating the American Flag, Opens up a can of WHOOP ASS!


Did you even know there was an Anti-Torture Vigil happening somewhere in Des Moines, Iowa? Apparently so, or at least it was when this film was shot. Not only that, but it was at Week 42 in the Days-of-No-Lives protestors who opted to hold a flag upside down. They did this while playing dress-up as some sort of trench-coat and hoodie-wearing Middle Eastern detainee, in some sort of “speaking out” against torture and Guatanamo Bay.

The irony. They torture the rest of us with their stupidity. It is times like these that the thought of a draft for certain in-breds among us sounds like a great idea. Scoop their defective DNA butts up, and ship them over to the front lines of the War on Terror. Don’t give them a gun though, because we know how they hate those.  Surely, they will learn a thing or two about torture, then, won’t they?

So, a guy, a war hero veteran, shows up at the demonstration and he clearly has a problem with it, and rightly so.

Before we let the video take it away, let us just say, THANK YOU! to the vet for his service, and AMEN! to “sunglasses dude.”

H/T [Freedom Daily]

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