“People, let’s face some cold, hard facts here. Radical Islam hates anybody who disagrees with them and their ultimate goal is to destroy every human who breathes, who will not convert to Islam and it doesn’t take a derogatory cartoon or a negative word about their faith to provoke them.”

Those words were written by legendary musician, and proud patriot, Charlie Daniels, back in May 2015, shortly after the terrorist attack on the Draw Mohammed cartoon contest took place.

While a year is a long time to have passed, Daniels’ words ring true, if not truer today. One half of America continues its march toward radical Islamist capitulation and willful suppression, courtesy of the President of the United States. Meanwhile, the other half, the real Americans, continue to get bowed-up, and rightfully so, at the thought of some group of “people” who think for a minute that they can tell us how to live, think, worship, and eat. The more they push at us, the angrier we get.

Can we all agree that you push Americans far enough and we will shift from passive and peaceful, to “Bring-it” in about 0.0001 seconds flat?  Yes, we can, we do, and like a junkyard dog with a bone, we DO NOT GIVE UP-EVER.

Daniels went on and drew a striking parallel to the Second World War:

“During World War II, a Japanese admiral made the statement that it would be foolish to mount a ground attack on the American mainland because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass and that could still prove to be America’s best defense.”

That is fact. The Admiral was Isoroku Yamamoto. That would be the same man who is attributed with having warned that his leaders had awakened a sleeping giant when they made the mistake of bombing Pearl Harbor.

Let’s just say he was right. Let’s also say it might be time for radical Islam to bust out some American history books and read up. Frankly, a whole generation, or three, of Americans need to bust out those same history books and get back in touch with their red, white, and blue roots. Patty cake in a “sandbox” ain’t gonna fix the mess we are in. We have radical Islamic sleeper cells at work in this nation. It is not a matter of if, but when, the next Jihadist terror attack comes.

Daniels closed his piece by saying, “Lock and load America, trouble is on the way.”

We agree, and we will close by asking this:

Will the terrorists awaken a sleeping giant, as Yamamoto feared, or a bunch of crying babies, like radical Islam expects?

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]

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