Terrorists Target Prince William and Kate with DERANGED Plan


Great Britain’s Prince William, and his wife Kate, are on tour in India. It would appear that India has a terrorist problem on their hands that is equivalent to, well, the rest of the world’s problem in this regard. Lovely. Nowhere is safe—be it a Micronesia island, some god-forsaken place in Siberia, or a shopping mall in Kenya, let along Paris, Brussels, or even America’s San Bernardino, Fort Hood, and let’s not forget 9-11.

A Sikh-Canadian woman is the target of a very fluid investigation at-present. She has been identified as a potential terrorist and member of the group I-S-I-S. She is believed to have been, or actively partaking in, meeting with fellow Jihadis, possibly at a Delhi airport. The royal couple just so happen to be staying in Delhi.

Is this Jihad-ette part of a larger network? Is she part of the network of the three Jihadis known to have already entered India with the intent of launching terror attacks on Mumbai (again), Goa, and Delhi. Each of those terrorists are also being sought by authorities.

As reported by Pamela Gellar, “Officials have drafted in the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which has already detained 25 terror recruits. The NIA, which has the passport of the female fighter being hunted, is also investigating several ISIS-related cases.”

Let’s pray the authorities capture, and preferably kill, the terrorists before they can implement their horrific plans. While William and Kate are certainly highly-prized targets, let us not forget that I-S-I-S wants to rule the world, and the royal couple are just a means to an end.

H/T [Pamela Geller]

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