Reddit Removes ‘Warrant Canary’, Signaling US Sought Its User Data

Your Data Is Not Safe From Big Brother


Reddit Strangled From Admitting Federal Surveillance, Activates “Surveillance Canary”

The Reddit Canary
The Reddit Canary

Reddit deleted a paragraph found in its transparency report known as a “warrant canary” to signal to users that it had not been subject to so-called national security letters, which are used by the FBI to conduct electronic surveillance without the need for court approval.


The scrubbing of the “canary”, which stated Reddit had never received a national security letter “or any other classified request for user information,” comes as several tech companies are pushing the Obama administration to allow for fuller disclosures of the kind and amount of government requests for user information they receive.

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BBC report here:

Read the full Reddit report here:

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The original Reddit comment that tracked the deletion:

^^The last llink is notable because the CEO of Reddit directly (and publicly) responds with a not so subtle “Fuck You” to the federal government.

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