GRUESOME: Mexican Cartel Agents Slaughter Mother and Children, do something DEPRAVED with the Corpses


America certainly has her share of problems. We have internal problems, and we have some pressing nightmares waiting to be born in the form of incoming Middle Eastern “refugees.” While Jihad brings its fair share of horror, there is the matter of the Mexican drug cartels to the south of us. Those animals have equally limitless evil deeds in store for those that dare cross them.

Recently, a woman and her two children were subjected to unknown horrors at the hand of cartel demons. What was her crime? Nobody knows and nobody will likely ever know. It could have been simply looking cross-eyed at a drug runner. Whatever the reason, charred bones and an ash pile are all that remains of the woman and her two children.

Shoebat reports that there is an underworld between Mexico and the United States when it comes to the ongoing of the drug cartels. In fact, the same town in which Justice Scalia died, Presidio, Texas, is home to a recent drug cartel agent “rescue” on the border. The agent was transporting rocket launchers, rifles, and body armor from the United States into Mexico, when he was stopped by a Mexican border agent. Within minutes, thirty vehicles rodeo-ed in and rescued the cartel agent and retrieved the weapons cache.

According to Shoebat’s correspondent in the area, Jorge Vasquez Valencia, the response on both side of the border was…..NOTHING!

This is the border! Our nation is under attack from all sides, and post 9-11 we are learning that our border is still Swiss cheese!!  Of course it is. How else is Obama gonna get his Jihadist buddies, disease-filled DREAMERS, and drug running murderers into the country?

Valencia, part of a local Mexican militia trying to regain control of their own land from the corrupt actions of the Mexican government and the drug cartels, whom he called one-in-the-same, weighed in on this US-Mexican drug cartel conspiracy, He called it what it appears to be—corruption and conspiracy on the part of Mexican and US authorities. In fact, Valencia alluded to the Fast and Furious program when it comes to the drug running, and Shoebat pointed to possible collusion on the part of two governments given the well-executed cartel agent’s rescue.

Can we disagree with him?

We are losing this nation. No, we have lost this nation. Once far-fetched theories of government corruption and criminal activities against the people, are starting to become a reality.

How much longer are we going to let this go on?

Trump’s wall doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

H/T [Shoebat]

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