Bleeding Heart Libtard Welcomes ‘Refugee’ Into Home, Police Find What’s Left Of Him In Basement


Another pity-the-poor-Muslim leftist has met his death. Medhi Hushmand was a 55-year old guy who apparently was suffering from the Islamofauxbic guilt and decided to try and wash his “sins” away by helping the poor downtrodden Refu-Jihadis in his German homeland.

He fed them, clothed them, and even offered them shelter. A 58-year old man, who the German authorities will not identify his ethnicity, or faith of origin, but came from Afghanistan, slaughtered him.

Three guess people. What do you think?

White, Christian businessman who is down on his luck?

Jewish pariah-butcher who sells bacon?

Islamic Jihadist goat-lover bent on world domination?

Tough call, I know.

So, yeah, this Religion of Pieces of S**t killed the hand that stupidly fed him. Medhi was beaten to death with a rock (surprise!), and possibly a metal pipe or crowbar.

Medhi, for all of his compassion, was a fool, and there is perhaps no greater folly that the feelings of fools. The German peoples’ seeming attempts to assuage their guilt over the Holocaust, has only fostered another genocide. While their hands are not turning on the gas in the showers, or shoving bodies into ovens this time, their opening the doors of the European Union has welcomed in a special kind of hell to rain down on that part of the world.

Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark…the list goes on and on, have fallen to ISIS. The Caliphate has come to that part of the world and it came in with a whimper—the “cries” of “refugees” and it is going to have to go out with a bang., world-wide.

Mr. Medhi’s death was in vain and it is only one of many, and what we are seeing is just the beginning.

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]

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