FBI Just Released ISIS “Kill List” 13 States In IMMEDIATE Danger

There’s a good chance you remember the original kill list put out by the Islamic State Group.
There’s a good chance you remember the original kill list put out by the Islamic State Group.

It had the name and address of 24,439 Americans. However, there was no information on who was actually on the list.

Here is the complete breakdown of “targets” by state:

  1. Texas = 2,324
  2. Florida = 3,389
  3. Alabama = 2,304
  4. Missouri = 1,487
  5. Louisiana = 879
  6. Arkansas = 498
  7. Mississippi = 842
  8. Tennessee = 1,789
  9. Kentucky = 334
  10. Virginia = 3,982
  11. North Carolina = 1,247
  12. South Carolina = 1,897
  13. Georgia = 3,467

The numbers are very accurate though, as they were confirmed in a report by Vocativ.

Up until this point we had no further information. The United Cyber Caliphate did say that they would be targeting mostly police officers (well, it looks like they were right) and state officials. If the past few weeks have been any indication, this list is as REAL as it gets.

The hackers that originally pushed out the list called for “Jihad” to “take revenge for Allah and shed the blood of the non-believer.” This is not only disturbing. It is twisted and evil as well.

With an organization like the UCC behind the list release, you would think Obama would take them seriously. Yet, in a recent press conference Obama referred to ISIS as a “JV team.”

Well, now the FBI is coming forward with more information in regard to the list. In a recent press release this morning they said they “could not release exact names as it would be very dangerous for the Americans on the list.” However, they did give a list of “traits” that almost every person on the kill list has:

  1. One or more children
  2. Live in a Southern State (the ones listed above)
  3. Independent or Conservative
  4. Christian

The FBI went on to say that the list was “not exclusive” and there are people on the list that don’t fit those traits. They listed those traits only to help give a rough idea of who is being targeted.

The FBI said that they will be releasing more information tomorrow, as well as later next week. While they wouldn’t tell our reporters what the press release would be for, they did seem to hint at more “ISIS-related” lists.

While it is a good thing the FBI is finally stepping up to warn Americans, it should have never gotten to this point. Our current administration continues to look over the safety of everyday, hard-working Americans. Instead, they just tell us they are keeping us “safe” by taking away more of our rights and trampling over our liberties.


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