The Party Of Slavery And Jim Crow Call Hispanics Taco Bowls

George Soros Has A Lifelong History Of Being Evil.
George Soros Has A Lifelong History Of Being Evil. Is It Any Wonder Why He Is Friends With The Clintons.

So the Democrats call Hispanics, taco bowls.  The party of slavery, Jim Crow laws and opposition of civil rights had big plans for Hispanics. After using the blacks for their votes since LBJ the blacks population has realized that even with a black democrat in power the democrats will do nothing to help them. This increase of awareness has democrats looking towards the next group of disenfranchised voters (Hispanics) to pander to use for their votes. 

But with the revelation from wikileaks below who knows if that plan will work out going forward.  Those benevolent liberals love to cry racism. They love say anyone who does not agree with their marxists agenda is a racist. But alas the democrat party it seems have been outed as racist. Many well educated folks who know history have been saying that the democrats were the racists all along.

Well it appears that the DNC has proven it once and for all.

DNC uses their own words to destroy themselves.  This is what they think of their supporters.

Hours before the DNC  Convention convenes,  this email is found  within the Wikileaks email blast  sent out on  Friday and it comes straight from the DNC.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.17.26 PM


The DNC is imploding. And it’s more fun to watch than an episode of Krapdashians. Their lying and double-crossing ways are finally exposed. What else would you expect from a party that supports a pathological liar?

At this point anyone who votes for the treasonous, lying, murdering harpie is either morally bankrupt or simply evil.


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