Insane Liberal Stern Writes Hit Piece Targeting SIG. There is just one problem…

Liberal propagandist Mark Stern write a hit piece on gun manufacturer rather than address the real cause of the LGBT murders.
Liberal propagandist Mark Stern write a hit piece on gun manufacturer rather than address the real cause of the LGBT murders.

Mark Joseph Stern is a writer for Slate. He covers the law and LGBTQ issues. Today he wrote a hit piece on Sig Sauer.  Slate is not really known for it’s subjective journalism or accurate coverage of events. If there was any doubt in your mind there will not be after reading this.

“My colleague Rachael Larimore recently noted that the media’s reportage on firearms is often shallow and sloppy. I agree. And in the spirit of more comprehensive reporting, let’s look into the past and present operations of the company whose MCX rifle fired the bullets that killed 49 people at Pulse on June 12.”

Mark Joseph Stern covers LGBTQ issues for Slate. Rather than covering the fact that a radical lslamic terrorist targeted and killed a nightclub full of members of the LGBTQ community he decided to write a yellow journalism hit piece on the company that manufactures one of the weapons used in the terrorist attack.

In typical liberal fashion he jumps right into blaming the object of his hate rather than the root cause and sacred liberal cow du jour. Blaming the gun for the heinous terrorist attack is much more fashionable in liberal circles. After all they need some sensationalism to sell their anti-gun agenda when gun violence is at a 51 year low.

Mr. Stern and his liberal gun grabbing islamofacist terrorist apologists need a boogie man. They have chosen the gun industry. They are not happy that a highly regulated and legal industry be allowed to operate because they make evil inanimate objects that they have an irrational fear of. Here is what Mr. Stern had to say about the gun industry and what does not sit well with him.

“Here in the United States, Sig Sauer need not worry much about legal liability. In 2005, Congress—at the behest of the NRA—passed a law, called the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, shielding gun sellers and manufacturers from many forms of liability that virtually all other industries are subject to. Among other things, the PLCAA blocks lawsuits against firearm manufacturers for making unreasonably dangerous weapons that lack basic safety features and for selling those weapons to civilians.”

Imagine that an industry is shielded from liability when they commit no crime other than the manufacture of a product that causes liberals like Mr. Stern an immense amount of butthurt.

Where are the calls for the banning of radical Islamic terrorism? Abortion tools? Cigarettes? Alcohol? Medical mistakes? Why is Mr. Stern not calling for the banning of LGBT murders in middle eastern countries? No Mr. Stern wants your guns. Mr. Stern does not really want to address the issues that were the real factors in this terrible execution of members of the LGBT community that he truly professes to care about.

Why Mr. Stern are you afraid to address the real issues? We do not have a gun problem in America. We have a problem with liberals such as yourself trying to blame law abiding citizens and companies for the terrorist actions of group of people you refuse to speak critically of. Are you afraid of offending them and are in fear of your life?

Mr. Stern and his high and mighty liberal agenda propagandists would rather see innocent people be helpless in the face of real evil. They and their self anointed sense of moral superiority would rather see people cower and plead for their lives than be able to defend themselves and their loved ones from the evil that liberals like Mr. Stern pretend do not exist.

Mr. Stern and his ilk are nothing more than Domestic Enemies of the Constitution. It is precisely people like him would would be rounded up and murdered if the religion of the Sand People were imposed on America. It is people like Mr. Stern that are completely incapable of any form of self defense. They are cowards. They are elitist pigs who want to impose their will upon America.

Why are the liberal elite and their propaganda apparatus not targeting the teaching of LGBT hate that is being preached in mosques across the world? Why are they not talking about radical lslamic terrorism? Why blame an inanimate object and a company that makes them rather than the madman who committed the mass murder of so many of the LGBT community which he champions for? Do radical lslamists rank higher on the liberal life scale than that of the LGBT community?

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