Video Interview: This Imam Thinks Murder Is A Right


During an interview on a Norwegian television show, a prominent Muslim Imam told the interviewer that Muslims have the right and authority to murder non-Muslims who do not respect Islam. When the Imam Mullah Krekar was questioned about the increased Muslim on non-Muslim violence he answered that it was required by Qu’ranic law to punish unbelievers.

Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, also known as Mullah Krekar, gained asylum to Norway in 1991, but has been in trouble with the law repeatedly after continuous threats against Norwegian politicians and women.

Watch the full interview below:

We do not see nor hear Christians condoning this behavior. Yet they are mocked, bullied, falsely accused, and harassed every single day. Various Bibles have been burned, defecated on, and completely destroyed just because it doesn’t support immoralities such as abortion and homosexuality. Though Christians get angry and take the fight to social media, you don’t see Christians advocating straight up murder and using the Bible as an excuse (because the Bible doesn’t condone it. Compare that with the Qu’ran).

The ideology of lslam is the problem. If their texts permit such barbarous behavior, the ones acting out said behavior are not extremists. The ones acting out are the obedient. The West is being consumed by ignorance under the guise of tolerance and the radical religion that aims to establish world domination.


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Nicole Morgan

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