BADASS! How to Turn a Fire Extinguisher Into a Flame Thrower

You never know when this information could come in handy.


You never know when this information might come in handy. The zombie apocalypse might strike, Hillary Clinton could be elected and try to confiscate your guns, or Obama’s refugees could bring the fight straight to your front door. The way I look at things, is it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In the following video, this brilliant welder dude figured out how to transform a fire extinguisher into a flame thrower. The YouTuber who goes by HellNBack walks viewers through several simple steps in his 11-minute video. Due to the possible danger of this self-made weapon, he put the following disclaimer on the video:

This video is for entertainment purposes only and is performed by a professional with insurance for fire performance and welding. We are NOT responsible for anything you build at home OR how you choose to use it. ALL FIRE CAN BURN YOU or BURN YOUR PROPERTY. Use any fire effects and fire toys at your own risk!

Ok if the zombie apocalypse goes down, I want this guy on my team! What a badass!


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