The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights recently uploaded a video of a girl being strangled to death by a metal wire. The organization states the lslamic state of Iraq and the Levant are the ones responsible for this barbarity.

Iranian-allied Press TV, claimed the girl refused to embrace Suni beliefs forced by lSlS in Syria. However, there is no confirmation. All we know is this young lady was tortured to death.

While we sit in our homes and wish a slow painful death for these mongrels, are we seriously going to allow our nation’s leaders permit these demons to come here? These same monsters are living in our neighborhoods and spitting on our Constitution.

Former undercover CIA officer turned Congressman, Will Hurd states:

“The issue is that the Obama administration does not fundamentally understand the nature of the global lslamic extremist threat, and its policies are ill-equipped to deal with it. Reactionary policies to specific threats as they emerge, such as lSlS, do not work. We need a larger strategy to combat lslamic extremist groups worldwide.”

Instead, we are seeing Obama apologetics on the daily, piss-poor leadership skills, and sorry excuses from his entire administration when it comes to the atrocities committed by lslamic terrorists home-bound and abroad.

When are we going to stop this insanity? Do we want our innocent girls to be executed in the most heinous and barbaric ways? If we sit and do nothing and hope that someone better will come along to fix the problem, lSlS will continue to grow and conquer.

They promise Sharia here. If the world can be silent when witnessing such terror on children, then the world will experience the tremors of reality when these monsters come to take your children and shoot up your neighborhoods.

Don’t believe me? How did everyone react when mass shootings took place in Paris?

Oh, we stood in solidarity, of course.

As if that made any impact on terrorism.

So what’s the solution? How can we put a stop to the murdering of innocents?

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