BREAKING NEWS: Two separate jet crashes have taken place today while performing flyover routines. The two events appear unrelated, however, coincidental.

Here’s what we know:

The first accident occurred during an Air Force graduation ceremony in Colorado. President Obama was speaking at the commencement, which was just south of Colorado Springs. The Thunderbird fighter jet was flying over the ceremony just after Obama’s speech. The jets are routinely used to finish the graduation ceremonies, for effect. Unfortunately, this routine ended badly shortly after takeoff. The crash took place around 1:30 local time. Reportedly, engine failure is to blame for the incident. Luckily, the pilot was able to safely evacuate the plane before the crash. Obama was still on location during the time, and spoke to the pilot after the incident.

Hours later, Fox News has reported another fighter jet has crashed in Tennessee, stating, “The pilot of a US Navy Blue Angel F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet was killed Thursday when the aircraft crashed in central Tennessee.”

The crash happened around 3 PM local time in Smyrna, Tennessee, right after takeoff. Spokesperson for the Naval Air Forces, Commander Jeannie Grenaveld, told Fox News “the crash happened during a practice flight for the Great Tennessee Airshow in Smyrna. The Blue Angels are performing June 4 and 5 at the airport.” The Blue Angels had been seen flying over Nashville just before the crash on Thursday.

The cause of this accident is currently unknown. No other injuries or fatalities have been reported. Both crashes were in fields, away from any crowds or buildings. There were reportedly five other Blue Angel air crafts also practicing for the event. They landed safely shortly after the crash. Eye witnesses reported seeing huge flames after the accident.

The pilot’s name has not yet been released. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his/her family.

H/T [RT, Fox News]

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