In a recent interview, IRGC Navy Commander Ali Fadavi haughtily stated,

“The Americans are aware that if they make even the slightest mistake, their naval vessels will be sunk in the Persian Gulf, the Hormuz Strait, and the Sea of Oman.”

He also claimed that the Iranian Navy fleets would be unharmed due to emerging from “undersea tunnels” before a confrontation takes place giving the implication they will win the battle before it even begins.

Fadavi made the claim that if a U.S. ship is in the Persian Gulf, the crew must speak Farsi.

Our enemies have been watching the U.S. destroy itself and they are waiting very patiently for the day when we are at our weakest.

Obama’s attempts at diplomacy and sanctions have failed to stop Iran. Like it or not, we now face a scary reality:

Iran is preparing for war and it’s not to fight with or for us.

While our beloved president travels the world zealously spreading his hippie dogma of, “give peace a chance” and “nuclear weapons are bad, bruh”, he has no issue giving nuclear control to a country that hates us.

Enemies of the United States take comfort in knowing that we have absolutely no real leadership. Our enemies have watched as our president and his minions do nothing more than coddle, supply, and enable them to continue their immoral and unethical activities without any repercussions.


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