As the serious issues in this country hit all time highs so does the level of stupid and dangerous pranks. The newest fad prank is “put em in a coffin” where our youth is encouraged to throw their prone bodies onto vehicles in a dead body pose. Not only parked vehicles mind you, but moving ones as well. Who can we thank for this dumbing down of our youth you wonder? A youtube “star” they call Vonmar (Devon Irving).

devon irving Vonmar

This young man started the coffin prank in a 711 on New Years Eve and it has hit a viral status that’s more like an all time brain-dead epidemic when the video of Vonmar terrorizing a convenience store clerk and trashing the business hit the internet highway.

Still shot of criminal behavior video
Still shot of criminal behavior video


The “local rapper” Vonmar was then arrested for the prank and told by the Cook County Judge “well you wanted to be famous!” Then he was hit with a $250,000 bail amount. The prankster didn’t sit in jail long it seems by this January 15th video posted after his release.


We often wonder what is wrong in this country and yet we don’t seem shocked by the antics of our youth when these type of videos pop up on social media sites. The young ones perpetuating these crimes, yes crimes, are even taking it to our police officers themselves with no indication that they are afraid of the consequences.

Thug's pranks are finally stopped
An officers car is damaged by a gang of teenagers

I’m afraid to ask what’s next, yet unable to stop watching as this train-wreck takes control of our children. Damage is being reported on thousands of vehicles and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Businesses are suffering losses as well when these thugs enter stores and body slam merchandise. What is it going to take to stop this type of vandalism?

Thug's Prank Days are over.
Put em in a coffin being preformed on a highway

Stay tuned, this could be very interesting to watch unfold.


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