The ultra-Liberal masturbatory rag called Salon published an article written by Todd Nickerson, a self-professed pedophile. All I could see throughout the article was a perverted man trying to explain away his guilty conscience.

Of course, utilizing a site that focuses on sexual perversion is a good way to get on your dirty soapbox and pretend you’re the victim but let’s get real here. Todd is a disgusting person who needs therapy. Not organizations that encourage you to “accept” your sexuality (as long as you’re not a real kiddie fiddler).

Salon’s vile pedophile author, Todd Nickerson

Nickerson thinks he is a brave soul for speaking on this “taboo” subject. He passionately believes that people should understand “non-offending” pedophiles aren’t monsters.

Here’s the truth of the matter:

Just because an adult who is sexually attracted to children isn’t acting out on their urges does not mean they aren’t visualizing it in their bedroom. The only way a person can get to the point where they act out on their temptation is by first fostering those thoughts in their heart. (Hence why pedophiles use ‘love’ as a camouflage for their choices).

Nickerson proves he is a monster himself through his own words:

“I recall an event from when I was 11, sitting in the family jeep with my dad and his friend Andy when a news piece on the radio reported the sexual abuse of a girl, to which my dad said to his friend something like, ‘They should take people like that and place weights on top of their genitals until they smash.’  Pretty horrific imagery for an 11-year-old to process, and I couldn’t help but sympathize with the abuser.”

Todd Nickerson, really? Sympathy for the abuser?

For your information, sir, you sympathize with people like you. If you sympathize with an abuser it’s because you’re an abuser yourself. You didn’t sympathize with the abuser for having those urges. Instead, you sympathized with him over the idea of him being punished when he was caught. Your sympathy is a reflection of who you really are.

Let me share my story of being trapped in the mind of a pedophile.

When I was just 14, a friend of the family who was 21 showed interest in me and was upfront about his affections. My family stupidly trusted him and I, of course, was a young idiot who thought she was in love. I mean, how exciting is it for a young insecure girl to find out an older man loves her?

I soon found out that what I was getting into was not love. I ended up trapped in a very dark world of sexual perversions and abuse. The result of this trauma was years of confusion. I struggled with sexual identity, drug addiction, self harm, trusting others, and holding on to normal relationships.

After I was able to piece my life back together, I married a wonderful man and was expecting a child. The man who abused me for so long found me and contacted me via email asking me for sex. He suggested that he would be doing my husband a favor since he couldn’t get me pregnant. He also described in detail the things he enjoyed doing to me when I was younger and asked if we could do those things again.

One night, after an episode of flash-backs and an anxiety attack, I searched online for his location. To my surprise, his face was plastered all over Florida law enforcement pages which identified him as a registered sex offender. According to the reports, he had married a woman with children and molested his 8 yr old step-daughter in their bathtub.

Apparently a blossoming teenager wasn’t young enough for him. He got his first taste of what it was like to fulfill his fantasies and slid deeper into the abyss. “Non-offending” pedophiles are in that dark place my ex is in. Even though my ex “satisfied” those perversions, he still ended up finding younger victims. Pedophiles who have yet to harm a child still find sexual gratification over the thought of harming a child.

Remember, a pedophile who is attracted to your child will fantasize about them when they’re home. As a mother, that is just as bad as them touching my child.

To this day I struggle with guilt knowing that if I was smarter back then and not controlled by fear, I could have said something. I could have had him put away before he harmed that little girl. But I know that it’s not my fault that he is a pervert and it’s not my fault I’m a victim of pedophilia.

If you are an adult man or woman who has sexual attraction towards children, get real psychological therapy. Don’t join organizations that say it’s ok as long as you don’t really hurt anyone. Especially stay away from sexually deviant websites like Salon that have no issue with spreading misinformation to further their agenda at your expense. They take real people who are struggling with sex addictions of all kinds and use them as fodder.

They are lying. They are evil. They will send you down a darker path full of destruction and then they will turn on you when you want to get out.

If you are currently struggling with any form of sexual addiction, please consider calling hotlines specific to your needs or visit SAA Recovery.

If you’re a pedophile, you are still victimizing a child the moment you think of them sexually. Denying that pedophilia is a problem is denying a child’s right not to engage.

Get help.


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