In late March 2016, a young couple set out on a date night as many parents do to de-stress from the rigors of daily life. Alicia Quinney and Joshua Marbury left their two young children in what they thought was the safe care of a babysitter as they anticipated a quiet night out for themselves. What they returned to was all but the picturesque image they had in mind.

Alicia and Jacob, all smiles.

Upon returning home, they found their infant son, Jacob, on the floor of his bedroom and the babysitter asleep on the couch. Jacob had a horrifying black eye and a bruise shaped like a hand print on his face. It was discovered later that he had been hit, dragged across the floor, and smothered. The young couple was outraged as they rushed their baby boy to the emergency room. Doctors, social workers, and police all took note and gathered evidence. The next day bruises could also be seen on Baby Jacob’s arm and back, as if fingers had been dug in hard.

Baby Jacob after the assault

With such a clear case of abuse by the babysitter, who has admitted to the investigator that he did in fact hit Baby Jacob, it came as quite a shock to the parents when the charges were dropped and no actual arrest had been made even two months later.

Social media plea for help

As if all that isn’t bad enough, their 3 year old daughter was a witness to the assault and she now attends counselling for it. Still, no arrest, no charges. Baby Jacob’s parents are now reaching out via Social Media and Petitions to bring justice to this and many other cases of forgotten child abuse.

Oregon state law ( 2012 decision on child abuse ) dictates that if a child is too young to explain the pain they felt and if it can not be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was intentional, then no charges should be pressed. This case may be the catalyst to incidents such as this, and the buzz on Facebook supports that assumption. Many are calling for punishment in any way possible for the young man who slapped Baby Jacob hard enough to do that kind of damage.

Let’s all hope the petition to the Oregon Supreme Court is paid close attention to and the ruling to let the abuser walk is overturned or things could get a bit shaky in the Northeast.

Sherwood, Oregon

When the Sherwood police were contacted for comment the phone lines seemed to be on overload and no call was able to get through.

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