Finally someone is stepping up! A group of moms is giving Obama the middle finger and saying “ENOUGH!” to the not so subtle moves to LBGT everything in this country, to include the school systems.

The 50 page complaint basically rebutted all the stupid Obama administration accusations about the recent “bathroom” laws violating Title XI.

Title IX states that: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

Do you see in that ANYWHERE that talks about “gender identity”? I sure as hell don’t, and that’s straight off the DOE website. So that being established, the Obama lawsuit threatening the DOE in NC for not allowing transgender into the bathroom of their choice is nothing short of extortion. Which is EXACTLY what these determined moms call it.

“This is tantamount to extortion. To threaten to take away our public funding, for education no less, if we don’t allow them to come in and jeopardize the safety and privacy of our children.”

Mrs. Donica Hudson said

Another mother, Tammy Covil, expressed her huge concern for her 4 children, especially her daughter.

Alliance Defending Freedom will be taking on this case.

“You have been told this law protects vulnerable populations from harm, but that is just not the case.”

“This law provides no benefit to society and all it does it harm innocent Americans.”

“Let me also speak directly to the transgender community…. know this, that the department of Justice and indeed the entire Obama administration  want you to know that we see you. We stand with you and we will do everything we can to protect you moving forward.”

These determined parents who make up the nonprofit “North Carolinians for Privacy” have made painstakingly clear, CHILDREN have a right to privacy that Lynch does not respect. The DOJ has made it clear, they support the very TINY number of transgender citizens in our country and consider THEM to be the “innocents” harmed in these debates, not the children who have no voice except for what their parents say.

Everywhere stories about young girls and young boys feeling uncomfortable with a transgender student using the restroom of their choice instead of their physical body have popped up. Parents REVOLTED against Target for their recent transgender bathroom policy. Petitions have been started asking for the Obama administration to take back the letter of demands to the Department of Education.

Finally a group of parents has come together and filed a lawsuit on behalf of their children, your children, my children. Molon Labe Media will keep you updated on both the DOJ lawsuit and the North Carolinians for Privacy lawsuit as these both have the potential to have far-reaching consequences.

H/T [Daily Signal]

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