Exclusive: Journalist Shares Emotional Testimony About Child Marriages

lslamic ideology is more than just murdering infidels.


We are living in an era where where objectivity and reason is tossed aside to allow multiculturalist make-believe, kumbaya regressive propaganda rule our culture and society.
The mindless perpetrators who call themselves “enlightened” believe they are far above reproach from anyone who disagrees with their pluralistic dogmas. Within their delusions of grandeur, they believe that the religion of Islam is intentionally misunderstood by the bigoted and xenophobic (mainly Christians) and go well beyond their means to coddle the religion they hardly even understand. Even if it means damning the future of a child.

You see, “moderate Muslim” is a contradiction and intrinsically oxymoronic.

Just like the term “moderate” or “liberal Christian,” these people embrace certain apostasies that directly oppose the teachings of the texts they claim to follow. Liberal Christians support homosexuality and abortion. Likewise, Liberal Muslims believe in a self-styled version of Islam that contradicts the clear teachings of the Qu’ran.

Fellow journalist and Molon Labe Media writer, Shae Mac, has a strong message for the people who defend “moderate Muslims.” Shae spoke on the Disgruntled Millennial’s Podcast (click here) about her experience living in the UK in the 1990’s next to a large family of Muslims. She described these Muslims as friendly, kind, and respectful. They invited her into their home and treated her like family. Over a short period of time, Shae became very fond of the children and believed that all the family members were decent human beings. After all, this was the 1990’s when terrorism and ISIS wasn’t a thing.

But one invitation changed her world.

These Muslims also grew fond of Shae. They decided to honor her by inviting her to a family member’s wedding. In the podcast, Shae described in detail the moment she suddenly felt the world fall from underneath her feet.

“..the door opened and we could see the bride. She was wearing all red (which is very common for Muslims getting married) but we didn’t see who she was. So, our host brought us around to introduce ourselves to the bride. As soon as I approached her, I immediately felt like I had been throat punched. The alarm I felt nearly brought me to my knees and the reason being is because the bride was one of the kids that I had been playing with for months.”

Shae expressed her feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, disgust, and anger over this innocent little girl being forced to marry an adult man. But she knew she was powerless and could do nothing to protect the child from what was to come.

The only power she has now is to speak out and spread the truth about Islam and their perverted practices. That it doesn’t matter if they’re outwardly peaceful or “moderate” because they abide by a religion that condones rapacious relations with women and children.

“Just because someone isn’t strapping on a bomb or trying to kill you, it doesnt mean that they are not following a vile ideology that actually teaches that it’s ok for adult men to marry little girls as long as they have started their period.”

Muslims are to emulate Muhammad in order to gain entry to paradise. In order to accomplish this, they must observe that child marriages are legal and a blessing from their “god.” As many people already know, Muhammad married a child named Aisha when she was 6 years old and consummated when she was 9. It is not known whether or not Aisha started her period that young but we do know from their texts that he indeed took her virginity 3 years after they were married. Before that, the sex-obsessed Muhammad would ejaculate on her thighs as he waited for the perfect time to consummate their marriage.

Muhammad and Thighing
An explanation of what “thighing” means in Islam.

There are many subjects to cover in regards to the perversions and barbarity within Muslim “holy” texts but for now, we just need to remember that it is the ideology that we stand against and not only what we see on the surface (i.e. terrorism).

“All we talk about is terror and Muslims wanting to murder us but there’s so much more to Islam that everyone is overseeing and that is the ideology that is within the Qu’ran that all Muslims follow.”


Like the unicorn and skunkape, these “moderate” Muslims seem to only be spotted by a few people with questionable reputations and overzealous imaginations. Makes one wonder if they really exist at all.

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