Harrison Okene survived for three days after his Chevron oil tugboat capsized. Divers were not expecting to find a survivor in the wreckage.

The 29-year-old gave South African divers the shock of a lifetime when they went to survey the wreckage three days after massive waves sunk the boat.

When the diver came upon the wreckage, Okene reached out and grabbed the divers hand. In the video you can hear the urgency and shock of the diver and the man watching the feed from a control room.

“It was frightening for everybody,” DCN Diving project manager Tony Walker told CBC News. “For the guy that was trapped because he didn’t know what was happening. It was a shock for the diver while he was down there looking for bodies, and we [in the control room] shot back when the hand grabbed him on the screen.”

The Okene was the only survivor in the wreckage. Okene told reporters that the three days he was trapped he knew he was not along and could hear sea life eating his fellow shipmates.

Watch the amazing footage below!


H/T[The Blaze]

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