BUTT NAKED Woman Bangs On Neighbor’s Door: FRANTIC When They See What’s In Her Arms


In Glen Rose, Tx a mother high on meth is accused of putting her 2-year-old daughter in an oven. Tasha Hatcher, 35, showed up at a neighbors home late Wednesday Night with the badly burned toddler in her arm. Hatcher and her daughter were both nude according to the neighbor and police records.


When police arrived at the home, Hatcher was singing to God and giving praise. Upon investigation it was found that Hatcher has had a lengthy list of criminal activity and child neglect in the past.

Hatcher was arrested previously for being in possession of controlled substances and DWI. CPS also reported that Hatcher had left her child at a 24-hour daycare facility for over 31 hours and when she finally arrived to pick the child up she was intoxicated and smelled of alcohol.


During the Somervill County’s Deputy Sheriffs contact with Hatcher, she told him that before placing her daughter in the oven she shot and put a cat in the oven. The erratic behavior did not end there. Hatcher continuously made sexual advances towards police officers and hospital staff. When Family Services met at the jail to speak to Hatcher she was ‘out of it.’ When asked if she remembered putting her daughter in the oven she stated, “curiosity killed the cat” and “ask me a question and I will lie to you.”

While at the hospital, Hatcher tested positive for meth, marijuana and alcohol. The poor toddler has suffered burns to over 14% of her body but is healing and will be turned over to foster care once she is fully healed.

There are no words that can truly describe the type of person that Hatcher is. Drugs involved or not, it takes a truly deranged individual to do something so terrible to an innocent child.

H/T[NY Daily News]

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