BREAKING – UPDATE: Sheppard Air Force Base On Lockdown! Here’s The Details So Far



Update released via text and Facebook;

The 82nd Training Wing Commander has released the base from lockdown.

Security Forces investigators interviewed the witnesses who reported a suspicious individual and determined the sighting of a handgun was not credible. Security Forces completed a full sweep of the base and facilities and found no suspicious individuals or activity.

Thank you for your patience and thanks to our Security Forces for their professional response.


Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas is currently on lockdown. Conflicting reports are coming in on what the exact situation is. Sheppard had scheduled a lockdown exercise for today but had to be paused due to real world events.

The base sent out mass text to all military personnel and family stating that there was an active shooter.




The Air Force base also released a statement via Facebook about the situation. The statement stated that the exercise today has been paused due to real-world events.







It was released that suspicious activity and that a possible shooter was present.



Text sent to personnel said to be on the look out for a blonde haired white male wearing a grey long sleeved shirt between the ages of 20 and 30.



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