Zimmerman Sells Gun that Shot Trayvon at Auction for Unprecedented Amount

Portion of auction proceeds will benefit law enforcement and combat BLM, while news coverage showcased inherent bias of media again.


A hotly contested auction held by George Zimmerman that had more people divided and taking sides than Captain America: Civil War has finally come to a close.

After several failed attempts by Mr. Zimmerman to auction the gun which was used in self-defense to fatally shoot Trayvon “Slimm” Martin, it finally sold through United Gun Group at a final price tag of at least $120,000. If a last-minute bid holds up, one of the most vilified inanimate objects in recent times will have sold for $138,000.

With a portion of the proceeds going to benefit law enforcement, stop the Thug Lives Matter movement, and bring down corrupt prosecutor Angela Correy, in addition to Zimmerman describing the pistol as “a piece of American history,” liberals were quickly driven by anger to disrupt the initial auction, pressuring groups into not holding the auction, the using bots to inflate the selling price, the gun, symbolic of everything liberals despise, was taken off the selling block.

U.G.G., too, originally backed out, following the path of GunBroker but then dug in, with a change of heart that included the website’s owner, Todd Underwood, quoted as refusing to play moral authority.

“We are not going to dictate morality to our individuals” – Todd Underwood

The incident that led to Trayvon being shot in self-defense by George Zimmerman, and the subsequent, racially charged uprising led by Al Sharpton and mainstream media’s blasphemous slander and character assassination of Mr. Zimmerman which followed need no recounting.

When I first read of this auction via Raw Story, I immediately noticed the same old media bias on display, trying to portray an exonerated man who was beaten nearly to death when he fired his pistol under legal statutes and in self-defense as an arrogant monster.

And, once again, in researching this story, the usual media tropes of biased language and undertones were clearly present, with cries of imaginary racism and victimizing Martin added for good measure.

I’ll just leave everyone with these images to remind them of the truth: image


Sources: New York Post, CNN

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