In Goodyear, Arizona, police say a father of four admitted to sacrificing the family pet dog because he was enraged over what his 17-year-old daughter was wearing.

Patrick Zane Thompson, 42, was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail and is facing multiple charges, including animal cruelty, assault, threats against his family and tampering with evidence.

Police officers were called to the home for some sort of unknown trouble. They had no idea what they were walking into upon arrival. When police arrived they found Thompson lying on a sidewalk, mumbling erratic comments like, “do it for God” and that the “Devil made me do it.”

Court records show that Thompson admitted at the time to putting the family pet in the smoker.

When detectives investigated further, they found out that shortly after Thompson returned home he became upset with his 17-year-old daughters shirt that she was wearing. Investigators said that Thompson believed that his daughters shirt pertained to the devil. Police records stated that Thompson made his daughter remove the shirt and then made her walk with him to a large BBQ traveler that was parked on the side of the yard. The smoker was lit and Thompson pit the shirt in it.

Investigators spoke with the Thompson family, to include the wife and daughter. The family said that when Thompson went into the house he became more erratic  and told his family, in front of his four minor children, that he needed to make a sacrifice of a male.

The family stated that when Thompson stated a male needed to be sacrificed that it was going to have to be either himself, his 6-year-old son or the families male dog, a white poodle. Alarmed by Thompson’s behavior, the family attempted to flee but Thompson was able to grab the dog. The family pleaded with Thompson not to hurt the beloved family dog.

The situation became more gruesome when Thompson snapped the dogs neck and strangled it until it “could not breathe.”  He allegedly told officers the sacrifice was not done and that he had to put the dog in a “lake of fire.” Court documents say he then told them that he put the dog in the heating element of the smoker, which was turned on.

Firefighters were called to extinguish the flames coming from the smoker and found the dead dog inside.

According to police, Thompson claims he had a vision that something bad was going to happen to his family and that the “Lord was going to kill him for what he had done.” The court paperwork adds that Thompson stated his readings in the Bible required a male sacrifice in this situation and that it wasn’t going to be him or his firstborn son. So, the paperwork says, he chose the family dog.

Thompson’s wife of 21-years asked police officers to file charges in the matter. The state requested that Thompson be held on bond for $100,000 or more to ensure the safety of the family. Prosecutors pointed out that he initially stated he was going to sacrifice a male and mentioned killing himself or his son before electing to kill the family dog.



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