Feminists LOSING IT Over Harry Potter Books: Claim They Promote Rape Culture


It seems that just when we think that liberals and feminists cannot stoop any lower… they do just that. This time, the “enlightened” left has set their sights on the popular series, Harry Potter. Apparently, these idiots not only have lost their sense of humor, but also their sense of imagination.

According to Bustle, Harry Potter helps perpetuate (wait for it…) rape culture. Yes, you read that correctly, this magical fan favorite actually promotes rape when they use love potions. Just in case you do not believe yours truly, here is an excerpt from this bottom feeder.

“[The] very existence of love potions is so akin to rape that it is almost entirely undebatable,” Emma Lord states in a piece for the feminist blog Bustle titled The Unexpected Way Harry Potter Perpetuates Rape Culture. “Just like in rape, the victim’s autonomy is taken from them.” One example she cites is when Merope, the mother of the evil villain Voldemort, uses a love potion on another character, Tom Riddle, Sr., to get him to marry and have a kid with her. The other is when Ron eats some love-potion-laced candy that Romilda Vane had intended to have Harry eat in order to seduce him. “I’m surprised . . . [that] the fandom hasn’t touched on one of the most glaringly problematic things in the series: the existence and free use of love potions,” she writes.

I am sorry, but that is just plain stupid.

By all means, I do not agree with drugging people to make them love you, but seriously, lighten up already. Is this liberal aware that this entire book series is based on wizards and witches, which means they cast spells on people and make magic potions? Apparently that glaringly obvious point was lost on this dimwitted soul when writing this misguided piece.

One could only hope that Emma Lord will pull her head out of her ass long enough to enjoy life and stop politicizing it.

H/T [ National Review ]



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