Watch As Blacks In Chicago Blame Obama For EVERYTHING!!

obama chicago
obama chicago

With racial tensions running high, Barrack Obama would like for the black community to believe that whites and police officers are to solely blame for all that is wrong in their community. Black residents in Chicago aren’t buying Obama’s bull anymore. These residents are putting the blame exactly where it belongs, on Barrack Hussein Obama and Rahm Emanuel.

“He’s probably the the worst President ever elected.”




These Chicago residents understand that Obama and Democrats are only trying to keep them down, jobless and hopeless. Obama has worked feverishly to make the police Public Enemy #1 in impoverished communities. Obama has these residents living in a perpetual hell-hole with no way out. Obama and his cohorts care nothing about the black communities struggles. They only care to keep them poor and uninformed.


“The Black community needs jobs. We want them, we need them and it is a matter of life and death for us.”

“The liberal agenda is not the black agenda, it is not the family agenda and it’s not the American agenda.”



These are the voices that need to be heard, not those paid by the Obama Administration to further their agenda.

These folks and their frustration with the democrat party are the reason for the left’s push to legalize all the illegal immigrant voters. They might have wizened up too late. Now the the party of slavery and the KKK are pandering to a whole new crop of rubes who are willing to keep these Marxists in power. Malcolm X understood what the democrat party was all about. He tried to warn the people in his community about the democrats. Here is a speech that he gave right before he was assassinated. A thinking person might ask why? Why was he killed? Who benefited?



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