Trump: The greatest man of the people. The greatest man who claims to represent everyone. The greatest man said during the debates, while he had some competition, that he is the biggest supporter of our veterans amongst the candidates. Everyone bought that up, including veterans. Even if you do not support Trump, we all have someone in our lives who does. People cheered him on from just showing a rather quiet support, all the way to the opposite spectrum of fanatical and even trolling Facebook posts calling anti-Trump supporters every filthy name you can find on Urban Dictionary.

I am going to be real here. All of you Trump supporters have been fooled.

You have been lied to. You have fallen for the medicine man selling out of his trunk. You have forgotten the core issues of America and fallen for an entertainer who wrote a book on how to manipulate people. What you see on stage that causes you to hang on to every unsubstantial word he spews, is acting, pandering, manipulation. He is after all, not only the master of everything, but the greatest master of manipulation.  You have entered into Trump’s Magic Show. Slight of hand and hypnosis are his two greatest ‘tricks’.

Do you really believe in your heart, mind and gut, that Trump truly supports our military and veteran community? Do you have anything at all to base that belief on; or, are his words of the day enough to cheer him on and support him no matter what?

I can tell you right now. He does not. He is putting on an act in order to win over ‘low information voters’ and those who vote based on personality and buzz words, rather than consistency on issues, substance, truth and a proven record to support everything they claim to support.

He offers nothing to make America Great Again.

Last year, a biography of Trump, “Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success” was released. Straight out of the Trumpster’s mouth:

“…his experience in military school made it so he “always felt like [he] was in the military.” The Republican presidential candidate said he had “dealt with those people in school.”

Trump was sent off to a military school due to behavioral issues. Really? Is anyone really surprised by that? Seems like military school did nothing to help his behavioral issues. However, Trump’s narcissistic fantasy world actually has him believing that being forced to go to a military school and being around ‘those people’ means anything. It does not. Trump deferred the draft a number of times for what he claimed to be “medical reasons.”

Although, no evidence of the validity of this claim has been presented. Trump tried by taking off his shoe during an interview with an arrogant response of “See, I have heel spurs.” He also had a high draft number and was sure to be shipped off to Vietnam. But those damn heel spurs ruined everything! The pussy could have received treatment that allowed him to serve. He chose to give up and pursue fame and fortune and probably weekly manicures. The military would have ruined all of that. Let’s face it, Trump is a loud mouth, but there is nothing about him that shows he could take on anything other than a high-payout lawsuit.

I am pretty sure that if Trump had been drafted, he would have come out as a fat, dopey, orange-faced John Kerry. Maybe it is a blessing he manged to wiggle his way out of serving America. The Great America. The America he wants to make great again, yet refused to be part of that one-time great America. Important to note that the opportunist now calls skipping out a ‘mistake.’ How convenient during an election time where voters love and support our military and veterans. Timing. It is all about timing for him.

 “Anyway, so I never had to do that, but I felt that I was in the military in the true sense because I dealt with those people.”

If all of that is not pathetic enough (it really is), the same summer that book was released, he made a disgusting comment about John McCain. Like McCain or not, what Trump said was worthy of a punch in his orange face.

How is that alleged military and veteran support sitting with you now? Still think he is a great guy who will make “America Great Again” and fully support our military and veterans? It gets better. No. Actually, it gets worse.

What about the Veterans?

Trump skipped the Iowa Caucus because he is a pathetic narcissistic child. Instead of attending a debate he would fail, he decided to hold a fundraiser for veteran’s groups. He hyped it up. The media hyped it up as if Trump was God delivering help to the needy. To think he did this because he truly cared for veterans, is to believe that unicorns are running in forests littered with pots of gold and glittery rainbows in the skies. Not long after he claimed to have collected millions of dollars, veteran’s groups were claiming they had received nothing. Trump was sitting on the money.  Reality is, Trump, months later is sitting on that money as the veteran’s groups in need, have still not received their promised donations.

While there is much more that can be said for his record of not truly supporting veterans, this latest revelation is beyond shocking. This should wake every voter up, especially those in the military and should cause you to rethink your support and possibly make you a #dumptrump intelligent person, immediately.

gi bill

Last week, in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Trump introduced a new stance on our military and veterans. A highly alarming stance. Here is the disturbing exchange between Trump and Cuomo:

CHRIS CUOMO: We tried to get your campaign and the other campaigns to hold forth on whether or not they supported the current GI bill. In congress, a sneaky vote in the house — no roll call – is going to cut money from the GI bill to allow for other expenditures for vets. Vets were upset. ‘No, don’t take money from us and reallocate it. Find the savings elsewhere.’ Do you support maintaining the GI bill the way it is and growing it instead of cutting it?

DONALD TRUMP: I don’t want to hurt our vets. We treat illegal immigrants better than our vets. I’m going to help the vets. I’m going to only help them. — unlike Hillary Clinton who thinks the vets are getting too much? They’re not. I’ve traveled, seen so many vets I know so many vets now and have a lot of friends. I have developed great friendships among the vets. Our vets are —

CHRIS CUOMO: Is that a yes, ‘I do support the current GI bill?’

DONALD TRUMP: No. I want to bring jobs back to our country and make the country grow again. I just traveled. I won so many states in a row in massive landslides and part of the reason was trade. Not what you brought up at the beginning of the show, totally inappropriate. Part of the reason I won was because of trade and I talk trade and I’m the only one that can do anything about trade.

First, can I just point out that reading what Trump says rather than listening to it, changes everything. Seriously, look at the words. He lacks complete substance and deflects, deflects, deflects everything onto himself.  You know how a person gets called out for being a racist and their response is, “I am not a racist, I have black friends.”  Well, that is the same bullshit Trump spews. You would never accept the racist comment, yet give Trump a pass for his continued pathetic responses?  Oh, I love and support veterans because I have veteran friends I just made. Bullshit. He has to say that. He has no history on being a fan of nor supporting our veterans outside of a small donation that is pennies compared to his massive amounts of money spent on Hitlary.

In response to Trump’s alarming stance, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, has this to say about the liberal, backtracking, lack of substance, lack of morals, lack of conservative/republican values, narcissistic God wannabe, Trump:

“This morning, Donald Trump was asked point blank if he supported the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, and he said no. For a candidate who talks a big game about helping veterans, this is a rather astonishing statement. As a veteran myself, I understand just how instrumental this legislation has been in ensuring that the brave men and women who serve our country have every opportunity to succeed when they finish their service. Our vets simply cannot risk a president who doesn’t understand their needs.”

Does this orange man trying to get into the White House even grasp what the G.I. Bill is? If not, why the HELL is he running for the most important position in the world? He is NOT presidential material! Answer is, he is running for POTUS because it’s another mark off his narcissistic bucket list. I cannot wait for TRUMP in all gold to be placed on everything in the White House if he manages to scam his way there.

There are so many aspects to cover on why Trump should never be POTUS; however, this specific issue should have every American loving voter, especially those of our military community, pissed off and reconsidering your stance!

Why are YOU still voting for this charlatan who has a life-long history of standing on liberal and progressive issues?

Please post your reasons below!


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