BOMBSHELL: Obama’s EPA Caught Stealing BILLIONS of Dollars From…


The Environmental Protection Agency has been caught hiding more than $6.3 Billion in over 1,300 separate accounts, but the EPA is wanting to keep all of this silenced. The funds that are in question are part of what is known as the “Superfund Trust Fund.” These funds are supposed to be used to help clean up toxic “superfund” sites, which are highly polluted and dangerous site areas of the United States that were left behind by industrial contamination. The funds that are put into this superfund come from fines against the companies who are caught polluting the environment.

There comes one major problem- out of more than 1,700 of the designated locations known as “Superfund” sites, less then 25 percent have been cleaned up in the last 35 years.  This allows all the pollutants to seep into soil, ground water, and drinking water.

Since 1981, when the EPA was created, only 391 sites have been cleaned with money from the “Superfund Trust Fund,” while the EPA is still continually bringing in money from tax payers.  The EPA has only spent less then half of the money they have received.  During the fiscal year of 2015, the EPA deposited more then $1.7 billion into the fund while only spending $295 million in cleanup efforts.  This money is outside the control of Congress and the public is not provided with the information of where the funds go.

With more than 1,300 of the sites in the United Sates listed as polluted, 279 of them have been on the list since 1980. Among 110 of the sites listed, the EPA knows for a fact that there are dangerous substances that threaten human health and safety. And to make it worse, the EPA isn’t sure what the conditions of another 219 sites are.  These sites can still sit untouched for several years while the EPA sits on the funds that are intended for their cleanup of these polluted sites.

During a 2009 investigation by the EPA’s Inspector General, it was found that the EPA lacks the transparency to the public in the reporting of their special accounts.  The transparency is needed for the public to understand how the funds are being used.  Just so everyone knows, 2009 was the last year that the Inspector General was allowed to audit the EPA.


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