Teen Buys BB Gun To Rob Dirt Bike Seller, But Never Expected The Seller To Do This…


In an astonishing display of greed, a 15-year-old boy used a social media site to set up the sale of a dirt bike. After being contacted by an interested buyer, the teen arranged for a man to pay $700 for the advertised dirt bike. This may not seem out of the ordinary but the teens intent was to rob the potential buyer.

The Brockton, Massachusetts, teen purchased a BB gun in advance for the sole purpose of robbing the buyer. The kid was not prepared for the consequences when he pulled the BB gun on the man however:

“They were fighting over the BB gun and, at that point, the victim in the case pulled out a real gun and fired three times,” [Brockton police Lt. Kenneth] LeGrice said.

The man reached into his white pickup truck, pulled out a 9-mm handgun and fired at the teenager three times, striking him once, LeGrice said.

The not so intelligent teen attempted to flee after being shot and collapsed down the road. He was taken to the hospital, and his condition is still unknown. He is being charged with armed robbery while being masked.

The victim had a permit to conceal carry, but chose not to carry that day, which could have been a fatal mistake if the teen had a real gun. The man was able to reach into his truck and pull out his 9-mm handgun, hitting the teenager once.

“I would have reacted the same way. If my life was threatened, be it a BB gun or not, you don’t know,” said Joe Hanson, who lives nearby and heard the gunshots. “If they take the orange tip off, it looks the same.”

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