Islam knows not a bottom to the depths of their depravity, and there are few people, even in the Holy land of Israel, who are willing to say it. Israel is a microcosm of America, and in many ways, she’s the canary in the coalmine. Ashkenazi Jews are notoriously known for having the highest level of bodacity as any other people on Earth. So, it is no surprise that some folks would want us gone. Jealousy is a fat pill to swallow for many. In the world of life affirming technology, 1.5 billion Muslims couldn’t hold a candle to a few million Jews. In fact, many folks (myself included) are still wondering when Islam is going to contribute anything of value to society. I don’t hold my breath.

The Jews have a country – that country was LEGALLY FOUNDED – it’s called Israel.  Deal with it.

The Jews have also been accused of being pessimistic – as were ancient pre-humans whose life depended on being able to distinguish between a gust of wind and a snake in the grass. Those whom were optimistic, didn’t make it. Those whom were pessimistic, did. The same applied after before WWII for the Jews. The pessimistic Jews, went to America and assimilated immediately. The optimistic Jews met the business-end of a gas chamber.

May Golan is an Israeli activist, fighting against the Islamic Infiltration of her home land. It’s said that Hitler got many of his ideas about what to do with the Jews from the Quran. I wouldn’t be surprised, and neither would May Golan. Many of the optimistic Holocaust survivors became a part of the Israeli left. Like the American Left, the Israeli Left is suicidal – using a mass dilution of the culture to bring on the suicide. She isn’t blind to the problems which truly face Israel and she isn’t willing to let her home be taken over by barbarity. She isn’t blind to the snake in the grass. She is isn’t blind to the Leftist organizations that are letting her home in South Tel Aviv to be taken over by Islamic infiltrators, as she “affectionately” calls them.

May Golan is an Israeli activist, fighting against the Islamic Infiltrators who have no respect for Rule of Law.

She is called a pessimist and even more scathing, a racist. Molon Labe’s own Matt Rivera and I say that when Superwoman wants to feel like a HERO, she puts on a May Golan costume. I met her last year on my podcast, The Disgruntled Millennial, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Click on the image below to listen to the podcast.

may golan

The Temple Mount is the holiest of holiest for the Jews, as is all of Israel.

The leftists in the Knesset are like the leftists here in the West: they hate the freedom and success of free and successful people and they want to curb it – plain and simple. Leftists in Israel think Jews are too autonomous in Israel and somehow, Jewish success in a salted desert is the cause of the plight in the 60 Muslim theocracies that surround Israel. They think that Jews should cow to Muslim aggression on the Temple Mount, Israel’s most Holy site. They think that Jewish success is Islamic failure and since Jews are strong and Islam is weak, Jews should sit back and just let their homes be ransacked. Here’s the kicker… to Lefties, the antagonism between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East is like a strange reverse David and Goliath, but David (Islam) is a mammoth and Goliath (Israel) is the size of an ant. May Golan sees this utter hypocrisy and refuses to stay quiet.

May Golan
May Golan

May Golan is a fierce, fiery fighting Jew who refuses to take YES for an answer. She refuses to say YES to blanket migration of cultures hostile to Jews. Many of the “optimistic” Jews who survived the holocaust came to Israel. In 2016, they know not what they do. Many are making a lethal sacrifice, on the altar of political correctness, to sworn enemies of Israel and the Jewish people. While war heroes like Benjamin Netanyahu stand on ceremony as he fecklessly and weakly concedes to unreasonable Jordanian and Egyptian (“Palestinian”) demands, May is often a lonely voice of dissent.


May Golan refuses to take it sitting down, even though she is sitting during this epic interview where she demolishes political correctness and the paradigm that will ultimately lead to Israel’s demise. Israelis have front-row tickets to the refugee crisis that has been caused by Islamic barbarity throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Despite the UN’s criminal treatment of Israel, which country in the Middle East do you suspect is the most open to Muslim refugees? You guessed it: Israel. And what do they do when they get there? They do what low-IQ, ungrateful, unvetted infiltrators do everywhere: they run amok. We should heed her warnings, as should her fellow Israelis. The only way tolerance and multiculturalism works is if all the cultures being integrated are also tolerant of other cultures. Islam is categorically hostile to all other cultures. We should help Israel by not letting our country be overrun by the same multiculturalism that us destroying Israel. We should listen to May Golan.

May Golan is a Zionist – a dirty word in some circles.

And what do they do when they get there? They do what low-IQ, ungrateful, unvetted infiltrators do everywhere: they run amok.

Without any further ado, I’ll let May Golan explain the rest:

May will release a book called Life of May.  She writes in English and Hebrew.  You can find her saving the Israel and the World from REAL INJUSTICE at Facebook by clicking on the image below.

may golan


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