WELFARE LEECHES: Guess Who Collects the Most In America? It will surprise you….


Who’s your daddy? As far as illegal immigrants are concerned the answer would be President Barack Obama. He’s the guy in the Oval Office who lies and tries to tell us that unemployment is the lowest it has been in, well, ever. Meanwhile, more Americans are out of work than ever before. If they drop off the rolls, or work part-time, they are not counted in the unemployment report. Cooking a books a little

This puts jobless Americans at the mercy of our welfare system. Certainly, this social safety net has good intentions as it is our job to help our down-on-their-luck fellow Americans get back on their feet. That said, how many of you pull down an average $4,431 a month, at your job?  How many of you work you’re a**es off to earn that? A lot of us.

Would you like to know what our welfare recipients receive per month, for doing…ummm…nothing? At least the ones that truly do nothing. They get that $4,431 a month that you and I work hard to provide.

But, wait! That’s not all! If you hurry and get a second job, to hold down the fort in your own home, you can be happy knowing that the average ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT welfare household gets $5,692 a month.

WTF?! ILLEGAL ALIENS people! A little over $68,000 a year! Again, WTF?

There’s still more! If you chase that Nancy Pelosi “dream job,” meaning a third shift somewhere, you will be over the moon with joy at the prospects of $6,241 a month, for immigrant households. Just under $75,000 a year for all those “widows and orphans” about to grace our shores. You know…the burqa clad who are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK OR DRIVE.

These illegal aliens and immigrants are bleeding us dry. They earn 41% more than the rest of us. Over half of all those households get assistance. Less than 1/3 of American households in need get assistance.

Something is fishy in Denmark and it has the stench of the Obama Administration all over it. It also has the overwhelming smell of urine because Congress, like the submissive, neutered male dogs they are, do nothing other than roll over and pee themselves.

It’s looking like we ought to flying our flags upside down, folks.

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]

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