BREAKING: Petition to stop Trans Bathroom Policy 50,000 Strong in 3 Days


In a stunning display of disregard for our children’s safety or well-being the Obama administration has sent an 8 page letter around the nation. In it the letter DEMANDED all public schools nationwide allow for bathrooms to be open to any student who “identifies” as a specific gender. What most people are missing is that it’s not JUST bathrooms that’s in question, its locker rooms, HOTEL ROOMS while on field trips and showers.

Life Site explained the implications well:

The Obama administration has issued a “guidance” to all public schools that they should allow members of one biological sex to use the showers, locker rooms, and restrooms – and stay in the same hotel rooms during field trips – as member of the opposite sex or risk losing federal funding.

A joint letter from the Departments of Education and Justice, released Friday morning, states that students who identify as transgender must be allowed to use the private facilities that match their gender identity with “no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement.”

The moment a child, or his parent or guardian, says that he identifies as a member of the opposite sex, the school must recognize that and act accordingly “as a condition of receiving federal funds,” the eight-page letter says.

fb_img_1463417400134.jpgIn response to this horrific move by the Department of Education two petitions have popped up speaking out against this recent policy change. One petition on has over 5,000 signatures started by Christian Action Network. The more successful petition currently in the last 3 days is on with over 50,000 signatures in less than 3 days it was started.

The petition reads as following:

 To: President Barack Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Secretary of Education John B. King Jr.

I oppose any federal guidance or regulation that forces members of one biological sex to share the same showers, locker rooms, dormitories, or overnight accommodations as members of the opposite biological sex.

While students suffering from gender dysphoria must be treated with compassion, imposing junk science on our nation’s schools, while violating the privacy rights of every other student, is not the solution. Forcing a girl to undress, shower, or sleep in the same room as a biological male, and vice versa, disrespects students’ right to privacy and places them at risk for sexual or physical aggression.

I call on you to withdraw this guidance, stop unilaterally rewriting the law, and ensure that all students enjoy the safety and privacy they so richly deserve – and which you are legally obligated to provide.

[The undersigned]

As the petition over the target bathroom policy reached over 1,200,000 signatures as previously reported, we at Molon Labe Media will always keep you updated and informed on the latest government overreach and efforts by citizens to fight back.


H/T [LifeSite]

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