Let’s Get Real About Tolerance, Shall We?


We are living in a culture that uses tolerance as a moral guideline. However, when we dig deeper we realize that tolerance is a moral trap. The notion that tolerance is a moral virtue is quite paradoxical. When Liberals demand others to be tolerant, they’re really contradicting themselves by saying, “It is morally wrong to say something is morally wrong.”

Of course, what they mean by “tolerance” is “unconditional tolerance.” By demanding tolerance from you and exercising none of their own they think that they can plausibly deny that their cause is evil.  This is why a Liberal will never hesitate to accuse you of “bigotry” or “intolerance” or even “racism.”

It is immoral to embrace this new concept of “tolerance” because in doing so you shun your own reasoning.  Thus, you deny yourself which reduces you from human being to property.
Specifically, the property of whoever issued the demand.

Our enemies see what path leads to making us drop our guard, deny ourselves, and become property and they will begin to exploit that weakness.  We can see this in action today.  The LGBTQWERTY agenda (as it always has) demanded worship under the false flag of tolerance.  Otherwise, they would have no reason to fuss about self-perceived “micro-aggressions” like complaining that the main characters in the game Fallout 4 were heterosexual.  Wherever they were successful, the Muslims made the same demand for tolerance and then waged war on the general population through acts of terrorism in order to spread Islam.

S. D. Gaede once said, “If you are intolerant of someone who is intolerant, then you have necessarily violated your own principle. But if you tolerate those who are intolerant, you keep your principle, but sacrifice your responsibility to the principle.”

The end result for someone who is completely committed to tolerance is apathy. That person ends up losing who they are and becomes unable to discern reality from fantasy.

This is why we now have the “otherkin” crowd.


So how does a person who is committed to tolerance find a way out of this self-defeating conundrum?

They have to possess the intellectual honesty that there is such a thing as absolute truth.

A Liberal who throws accusations and slanderous names your way doesn’t realize that while they believe there is no absolute truth, they are placing themselves into a position of moral authority and demanding that you accept what they believe to be true. Thus, exposing the lie that they don’t believe in absolute truth.

If there is no absolute truth to adhere to, their whole tolerance facade is just that: a facade. A pointless and illogical endeavor with the only purpose to make themselves look and feel better.

When you are attacked for standing on solid ground, you must remember that they are speaking from a purely glandular, emotional, and erratic mindset.

And you don’t have to tolerate it.


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