Vicious Creep Strangles Little Girl in Chicago Public Restroom


South Loop, Chicago – Police have released details about a shocking assault of an eight-year-old girl by a vile man, which transpired inside a public restroom last weekend.

It was approximately 1:15 P.M. on Saturday at the Jason’s Deli on Canal Street when the young girl separated from her mother to use the restroom. It was at this point that Reese Harstirn, age 33, followed the unidentified child into the bathroom.

What followed next, based on information compiled from various news sources, is that Mr. Harstirn began choking the poor girl, potentially causing her to become unconscious. Hearing the terrifying screams of her daughter, the mother raced into the bathroom, but was pushed back by Harstirn, who then carried his victim into a stall, closing it so she couldn’t escape.

At some point, however, other patrons of the store thankfully came to the rescue, pinning Harstirn down and restraining him until police could arrive to arrest him.

It could have been much worse.

Jason’s Deli released the following statement:

“We’re blessed to have a wonderful relationship with the Chicago Police Department. Many of them are our customers and because of their connection to our deli, this unfortunate situation was handled very quickly. We’re proud of how our team members responded and thankful that we have the kind of customers that are willing to lend a hand in a difficult situation.We continue to work hard every day to make every customer happy”

It might be funny, if it wasn't painfully true...
It might be funny, if it wasn’t painfully true…

While the daughter was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, her condition undisclosed, Mr. Harstirn, who coworkers described to FOX 32 on Facebook as “a creep,” was taken to lockup. Initially charged with felony counts of Aggravated Kidnapping and Aggravated Battery of a Child under 13, the monster was additionally given misdemeanor charges of Battery and Aggravated Assault of a Peace Officer for swinging at a booking officer while at the First District Station, which apparently earned him a trip to a separate hospital, as well.

Although he’s being held without bail and due back in court on May 16, this just raises the issue yet again of gender-dysphoric bathrooms and how dangerous they are. This could be your child – Think about that.

Main Sources: Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune

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